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How Do I Prepare The Meals?

It’s easy. Heat up your meal in the microwave for a quick and healthy meal without the fuss of cooking. That's it! In just minutes you can have a delicious, chef prepared HG Packaged Goods meal ready for you to enjoy. 

How Long Do The Meals Last?

Every plate has an expiration/freeze date as clearly noted. As a rule, we recommend using or freezing within 7 days, and freeze up to 6 months

Where Do You Ship?

We ship throughout Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

How Are The Meals Packaged?

HG Packaged Goods are packed using industry leading vacuum seal technology. Each meal is plated in a 100% recyclable microwave-safe food container and vacuum-sealed to retain freshness.

Is there a minimum quantity to order?

The minimum quantity for an order is 8 meals, however, we suggest ordering up to 12 or 24 meals in order to optimize shipping expenses.