Currently Serving Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma

Why HG?

  • Trusted Since 2013

    Trusted by DFW for well-balanced & nutritious meals for over 10 years.

  • Healthy & Flavorful

    We believe in healthy meals that taste delicious.

  • Convenient

    Order, refrigerate, heat up, and enjoy the HG meals you know and trust.

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What Customers Are Saying

  • Nick B. ★★★★★

    “Clean eating every time. Perfect for friends that are vegan, dairy free, or gluten free. Sooo good!”

  • Holly G. ★★★★★

    “One of my favorite places! I’ve never had anything here that wasn’t delicious, and I love how healthy it is. GREAT place for food allergies, too. They ask me every single time about that!”

  • Ashlyn C. ★★★★★

    “Super high-quality food and people running the ship! I take everyone here, at one point I was eating here once a week. Never get tired of it!”

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Our goal is to provide you with well-balanced and nutritious meals from HG SPLY CO. that are delicious and convenient. Have a suggestion on what we could do better? Let us know!

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